When Did High Tech Institute Close

When did high tech institute close is a question on many people's minds after finding out their college had shut down. This is also concerning as many are worried that their costly college degree is no longer valid or relevant to employers. However, the good news is that this may be beneficial to former students who are still struggling to pay off their student loan debt. In fact, many borrowers are finding great relief with their loans due to the closing of their school. Former High Tech Institute students who are asking when did high tech institute close should find comfort in knowing their may be some light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, the Department of Education is offering different programs, which we qualify and enroll for, to relieve those still paying down their student loan debt. If you have already paid off your loans then you are not eligible for a refund or to be in the programs as they are solely for those that are still paying their debts. To find out more information about when did high tech institute close contact us today and we will assist you in figuring out the best option for you. These programs offer you the fastest way to a debt-free future with out student loans. Contact us today as spots are limited and these programs are filling up fast! They will not be available forever so it is best to get in while they last. Student loan programs may not be offered through the end of the year. Hurry in!